Doussou Traoré

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Knee-length dress designed with a shawl collar and an elegantly draped back. It’s easy to put on and immediately sets the tone.

-Color: Blue

– Care: Dry clean to preserve the true natural color or wash delicately in water of 30 degrees Celsius or less

– Fabric: Cotton

– Made in Madagascar

Tie-and-Dye explained by the master textile dyers in Mali: To produce indigo dye from the green indigo leaves is a long and exacting process. The vat can be kept alive for months if it is carefully nurtured, over time, the blues obtained become lighter and increasingly luminous.  Dark indigo can be achieved best by multiple dips in a young vat. The tie-and-dye process is exactly that: there are hundreds of different ways to tie a fabric before you dip it to get hundreds of patterns.

The articles presented are craft pieces that may have non-substantial differences with the photographs of the products. For this same reason, some of the clothing may present small imperfections.


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